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Як обрати компанію по IT-аутсорсингу: 5 важливих факторів

Are you considering the full or partial outsourcing of your company’s IT department? Thinking that maybe it’s about time to automate your business, scale your organization and optimize costs? Then you would find these couple of tips extremely useful to find a trusted company and a reliable partner.

TOP 5 factors worth noting when choosing a company that will help to establish an IT infrastructure

Experience, business scale and reputation of the outsourcing company. Naturally, a company with many years of expertise has a reputation. It can be easily tracked by the number of customers and their feedback.

Oftentimes, IT outsourcing can be one of the directions of a group of companies specializing in outsourcing business processes in Ukraine and abroad.

Guarantee and obligations. Agreement between the parties must contain all matters related to the provision of IT services. A service level agreement (SLA) and non-disclosure agreement (NDA) shall be considered essential.

Complex approach to provision of services. IT outsourcing involves a large sphere of activities. It includes all available services, from the supply of computer equipment and setup of its proper operation, conducting an IT audit, installation and maintaining of data protection systems to full or partial IT support by system administrators.

If the customer’s company is focused on a narrow specialization, they will have to contact different outsourcers about various issues constantly. In any case, this would only become a nuisance and additional inconvenience.

It is better to look for to the company that offers a full range of services necessary for your business.

Top-notch tools: Monitoring service and HelpDesk system. Monitoring service is a necessary technical tool of the outsourcer. It must work 24/7, 365 days a year. Such service is responsible for a large portion of the routine work, ensuring that IT specialists have energy and time to develop the customer’s infrastructure.

HelpDesk is an online system for recording escalation requests among engineers and user notifications. The lack of this system takes away the opportunity to clearly understand what is happening inside the company.

Also, pay attention to the available incident reporting channels. Ultimately, this should involve more options than just email or operator. Customer’s personal account and a system of service chatbots ensure a vast choice of problem solving solutions and responsiveness.

Speed ​​of the first response. In the process of choosing an outsourcing company, you’ll have an option to send a request for an initial consultation on the potential company’s website. If you get an answer within the first 24 hours, continuing the dialogue in the future is possible. If you don’t get any responds within the first day, it is better to stop the communication with such organization. Even after signing of the agreement, there is no guarantee that the reaction speed will increase.

Checklist of questions for the IT outsourcing company

Once you have made a decision about the potential service providers, inviting them to a meeting would be a good idea. Thus, they will have an opportunity to learn more details about your company and answer all questions. We have gathered a list of questions for the representative of the company offering IT systems outsourcing:

  • How many technical specialists will be involved in providing services to your company?
  • Will you have a personal manager responsible for working with your company?
  • For how long will you get the support under the agreement?
  • How can you learn about the status of processing the existing requests?
  • How much support (on-site and remote) is included in your monthly plan and how quickly can it be obtained?
  • How often will you get reports on the completed work?
  • How company systems will be controlled and monitored by the outsourcer?
  • What will be included in the list of services?

Benefits of choosing Smart Solutions

Thus, we have considered the key factors to take into account when choosing an IT outsourcing company. As an outsourcer of business processes, Smart Solutions has been providing its services to Ukrainian and international companies since 2009. We guarantee:

  • Providing full or partial IT support.
  • Complete development of the customer’s IT infrastructure.
  • Signing of a non-disclosure agreement and service level agreement with each client.
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of the client’s IT processes.
  • Using a modern HelpDesk system, allowing us to create orders for products and services through a system of customized Telegram and Viber chatbots.

So don’t waste your time and money, contact Smart Solutions for advice and IT support. Our company will provide the necessary assistance to make your business stronger. Click on the button below to get a free consultation from the manager.

08 may 2021